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it’s summer and i started my break lasted week AND i got paid a lot so i decided to host another giveaway! because summer makes me feel really nice, i decided to make this kinda big…



  • exo mama [chinese + korean ver]
  • exo xoxo [chinese + korean ver]
  • exo xoxo [repackage] [chinese + korean ver]
  • exo miracles in december [chinese + korean ver]
  • exo overdose [chinese + korean ver]
  • bangtan 2 kool 4 skool
  • bangtan o! r u l8 2?
  • bangtan skool luv affair
  • bangtan skool luv affair [repackage]
  • shinee dream girl - misconceptions of you
  • shinee why so serious? - misconceptions of me
  • shinee everybody 
  • snsd i got a boy
  • snsd mr.mr
  • b.a.p badman
  • b.a.p 1st sensibility [it’s authographed lol yongguk signed album!!]


note: PP means ‘pick preferred’ and this just means you can choose the size you want!

most of these are just visual representations so dw about the price, im getting them or already have them for a much cheaper size 


  • fujifilm instax mini 8 [pink] [polaroid film included]
  • acer inspire 10.1 inch laptop [black and grey] [charger is included]

note: these are my own and i decided to add them in because i have no use for them but they are in very good condition!!

that’s pretty much it! i tried to add things that would interest most of my followers :<


  • this is for my followers so if you wanna join, you should follow.
  • likes count.
  • reblog as much as you want. reminder that spamming isn’t cool for me nor for your followers, so consider them please! 
  • don’t cut off the rules please, that’s not cool and i won’t like it (i know some themes hide the captions etc. and that’s ok as long as you personally didn’t remove it)
  • this is international!
  • the giveaway ends on the 3rd of August 2014 on 20:00 GMT (the reason for this is that’s when i come back from holiday and also this is a huge giveaway)
  • there is only ONE winner!
  • if the first winner doesn’t want any of the items, i’ll randomly choose a second winner and will give the items to them
  • i will choose the winner with a random number generator.
  • please make sure your askbox is open!! this is how i’ll notify you and if it’s not open, i’m gonna have to choose another winner :c
  • the winner will have 48 hours to respond otherwise i’ll choose another homie as the winner!
  • if the winner wishes for me not to reveal their url, i will not do so. otherwise i’ll make an announcement when this is over!

*coughs* i love making friends from these so talk to me lots pls!! if there’s anything else you need to know, hit me up at inbox!!!

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Gorgeous Hyo on Japanese tv

by Jeff Liu

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cr: Oh Leo // DO NOT EDIT


cr: Adorable Ken // DO NOT EDIT

cameraman: Ready? 1…2…3
vkook: *tippy-toes*

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