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Happy Birthday, Yojiro Noda!

Well, I’m probably going to be the only loser who writes you a birthday message here on tumblr, but for however long I’ve been listening to Radwimps (I can’t remember sobsob) you’ve been an inspiration to me. I know that Japanese isn’t my first language, but it’s my second, and I understand enough for your lyrics to register and oftentimes make me cry. Your music is amazing and emotional and incredibly technically sound— there isn’t another group out there that’s even similar to yours.

I joke around a lot and call you my future hasubando and all that kind of thing, but I would be so honored if I could meet you just once in my lifetime. I think you’re handsome and deep-thinking, and I love the way you dress because it’s so off-the-wall. I love the way you sing, and your amazing vocal range. I love your silly side and Misoshiru’s. I love all the Radwimps music videos, even though I wish you didn’t move around quite as much so that it’d be easier to get a decent screenshot, and I wish the MV’s on the Radwimps Youtube channel were in better quality than 240px or whatever. I wish Japan weren’t so far away, and I wish Radwimps albums weren’t so expensive. I wish it were easier to find good pictures of you even on Google Images Japan. But most of all, I wish you a happy birthday!

You’ve been my inspiration and my hero for at least two years. Your music and your lyrics have helped me through some of the roughest emotional times I’ve ever been through, and I’m honored to share the same birthday as you. Thanks for everything. I hope you have a great 27th birthday, and I can’t wait for the シュプレヒコール single to come out in August!

野田さん、あの、、、全部にありがとう。 あなたのリリークスや音楽や歌声、、、いつもいつもいつもありがとう! ♥ 私は、同じ誕生日がある、、、 お誕生日おめでとうごさいます!

Wednesday, July 4th 2012 (5:51am)
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